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Discover How One Cool Tool Can Make Your Info Product Research Take Much Less Time Than Before!
How would you like a piece of software that makes searching, finding, and using information from the search engines easier than youve ever dreamed?

From: Jay Jennings
Friday 11:42 pm

Dear Online Marketer ,

While outsourcing all your work is the dream for all of us, for most its just a pipe dream. Because until were making the big bucks in internet marketing, how do we afford to hire someone to do that work?

So instead, we have to do it all ourselves. And it just takes a lot of time.

But what would you say if I could show you a way to drastically cut the time it now takes you to research an info product? What would you think if I could show you a tool that would make finding content for blog entries a breeze?

Would you be interested in knowing more?

Heres Where You Find The Content

Dont think this is too simplistic, but the place to find the raw materials for your info product are the search engines.

Imagine how it was in the olden days -- youd go to the library and spend hours tracking down books to research for whatever project you were working on.

These days the search engines making finding information easy -- and Sonic Snooper is a tool that makes surfing the engines and grabbing content a dream!

Heres how it works -- launch Snooper and enter the niche youre interested in. Click a button and youll see all the entries from Google. Click another and youre seeing results from Yahoo, or Wikipedia, or MSN.

See an interesting link? Grab it and drop it in the URL basket -- drop in as many as you like and get back to them later...

Found a tidbit of information that might be good for your info product? Drag it to the disk icon and drop it -- itll be automatically saved to your hard drive.

Sonic Snooper makes surfing for information fast and easy!

Other Uses For Sonic Snooper

If youre building a business on the internet youre going to need info of one sort or another. Besides the obvious, info products, youre going to need raw materials for...

Auto-responder Series
Special Reports
Bonus Giveaway Items
Blog Entries
And more!
With Sonic Snooper you can do research in a flash whenever you need more info for your business. Get in, get it done. Just like that.

Just A Quick Aside

Just so you know who I am and where Im coming from, Ive been marketing online for a few years now -- full time since May of 2004. Last year, 2005, was my first six-figure year and while I may not be rich yet, Im still working from home in my own internet-based business -- and for me that was the big main thing is to create software products that help me do a specific job and then package those tools up for others to use, as well. So you know that if you buy one of my products its a work-horse -- its something I use in my own business.

This Is The Real Deal!

You can order right now with no risk because I always stand by my products. Id rather give a refund than have an unsatisfied customer. Thats why I offer a ONE YEAR money back guarantee!

100 Satisfaction Guarantee

You will love what Sonic Snooper can do for you or Ill refund every penny of your purchase. And you have a full YEAR to decide whether its just a crush or real love! =;)

Theres at least one other tool available that does more or less the same job. I think Sonic Snooper is better overall, and heres one of the best things......its only $0.89 and that includes master resell rights! Yep, you can buy it today, and start selling it tonight! How quickly can you make back your investment? Which I guess leaves you wondering...

Why Is Sonic Snooper So Cheap?

When you run Sonic Snooper youll see that at the bottom of the main window is a single line of text -- kind of like one of those stock tickers. It shows products I have for sale so theres the potential for a back-end sale for me. That allows me to keep the price of Sonic Snooper *very* low -- the more people who have it, the more likely I am to make a sale. Its just another way to market my products. Whether it works or not, I guess well see. (grin) But thats why the price is so cheap.

Are You Ready To Snoop for Some Info?

Get Sonic Snooper right now and you can grab a basketful of URLs and raw content in less than 30 minutes. And itll only take you that long if you stop for dinner! With resell rights included this is more of an investment than a purchase. Please dont let the low price put you off -- this could be the piece you need to really grow your business.

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